Home Education – Forest & Farm School @ Ambleford

Welcome to our Home Education Days at Woodland Explorers! We are delighted to offer an enriching and dynamic experience for home-schooled, flexi-schooled, or deferred school entry children aged 5-11. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm during term-time in our serene private farm complete with animals, veg garden, neolithic-style roundhouse and adventure playground.

Our Mission

Ambleford is Ofsted registered and committed to providing the highest quality of care and education in a unique outdoor setting. Our aim is to foster a deep-seated curiosity and love for nature, ensuring your child’s educational journey is both meaningful and joyous.

What We Offer

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of ancient woodland, our Forest & Farm School sessions are the perfect blend of learning, adventure, and creativity. Children will engage in a range of activities, tied to national curriculum objectives, including tool use, learning traditional rural crafts, animal husbandry, permaculture and conservation, art and music. Our skilled team of qualified teachers and Forest School Leaders, along side our small class sizes, ensures that every child receives personalised attention, helping them to grow, learn, and make lasting friendships.

Nature-based learning for Home Schooled Children.

At Ambleford, children engage in nature-based learning, where the outdoors becomes their classroom. Through hands-on experiences, they develop practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. From identifying plants and animals to building shelters and feeding the goats to planting seedlings in the polytunnel, every day is an opportunity for exploration and discovery.

The Farm

Engaging in hands-on activities, they’ll learn about sustainable food production and animal-care, develop life skills and cultivate a deep appreciation for nature. Let them experience the joy of nurturing the land and embracing their role in creating a sustainable future.

The Field

Our wide range of activities will cultivate their resilience, foster strong bonds with their peers, and empower them to embrace their unique strengths. Let them embark on an unforgettable journey of personal and team success, where nature becomes their playground and teamwork becomes their superpower.

The Forest

From bug-hunts and wildlife tracking to tree identification and outdoor crafts, our activities foster curiosity, creativity, and a deep connection with the natural world. They’ll build shelters, make fires, and learn practical skills while developing resilience and problem-solving abilities.

A typical day at Ambleford:

Our days are fluid and child-led, reflecting the spontaneous nature of outdoor learning. A typical session might include:

  • A welcome circle in the round-house and group games to foster social skills and community spirit.
  • Feeding the goats and chickens.
  • Guided exploration of the woodland, engaging in bird spotting, bug hunting, and tree identification.
  • Creative and reflective time around the campfire, including snack time, storytelling, and mindfulness activities.
  • Opportunity for free play and engagement in various activities such as woodwork, den building, and natural art.

Our Ethos

At Ambleford, we believe in child-led learning and planning in the moment. We view ourselves as facilitators of your child’s curiosity, providing a safe and nurturing environment where they are free to explore and discover.

Our sessions are designed to be inclusive, meeting each child at their unique stage of development and interest.