Located in the Hamlet of Lamberhurst Quarter Ambleford Cottage is an historic small holding dating back to the 1600’s and is located in the site of an ancient iron works. Surrounded by ancient woodland our site benefits from breath-taking views over looking the vast valley toward Bayham Abbey. The site is the location of a number of ancient springs which feed small waterways through the land and are the home to amphibians and an array of pond life.

The Cottage Carden

Our cottage garden is just a couple of years in the making and there is still plenty of work left to do. However, it is becoming increasingly productive year on year. Built around permaculture principals our goal is to create a 100% organic, sustainable and biodiverse food production environment. Featuring an industrial sized poly tunnel, the cottage garden is a great please to show children and adults the growing cycle of plants and sample some of our harvest.

The Round House

When the weather is less favourable, we often retreat to the comfort of our mediaeval-style round house. Built into the side of a hill and overlooking the valley below, it is a great place to take refuge in a deluge.

The round house also works as a one-of-a-kind venue for birthday parties and event.

The Horsebox Bog

Our converted horsebox is now a solar powered outdoor compost toilet, shower unit and wash sink. All of the waste from the horsebox goes back into the ground or is used in the cottage garden.

The Alder Playground

Set in a copse of Alder trees we have located a suspended playground and 30ft slackline. This is a great place for kids to let of steam and also a great location for den building.


Our ambitions for the site are to increase the animal stock we look after. At them moment we have breeding Sussex chickens which provide more eggs than we can handle and a flock of meat birds. We have recently welcomed 2 Toggenburg goats (Margot & Barbara) on site with a view to breeding them and ultimately milking them. We hope to welcome kids in Spring 2023!

Orchard Studio

The cabin is a workshop we use for craft session which involve more tool use. It features an array of power tools and machines for woodworking and leather work. Clad in local oak the building raised off the ground on raw timber poles.

It sits behind a recently planted fruit orchard, featuring apples, plums, meddlers and cherries.

The Car Park

Our shingle car park can fit 12+ cars and benefits from a full size flag pole, because… well why not!?